Wednesday, November 9, 2011


My sister, Kristen, and her husband, Brian, went to a friend's wedding the other night so we got to babysit my nephew, Grayson.  It was so much fun getting the cousins together.  When I was little, we spent a ton of time with our cousins.  We always spent the night at my grandparents' house on Christmas Eve and Easter every year so Santa and the Easter Bunny could find us.  And each year, we all lined up on the couch to take a picture with all the cousins in age order.  We truly have such great memories.  And I'm super excited about Grayson and Harper, and any other future cousins, getting to be as close as my cousins and I are.    

Harper and Aunt Tay Tay

Grayson and Aunt Car Car
He is so funny with all the animal sounds he knows.  He kept walking up to our front door and saying "hoo hoo".  Such a smartie pants!

Bath Time

Cousin Bath Time
This is the only age where this will be appropriate.

Sharing toys

His favorite bath toy - spoons as drum sticks

Together in cute, little pjs.

Harper is always trying to love on Grayson and he gets a little concerned.

Harper has hit her sitting up time limit.

Sharing toys again.  Such a sweet boy.

Head bobs - the cousin kiss

They both slept so good that night.  I was impressed (and thankful!).  The next morning they were so cute and cuddly too.  It's funny to see how different life is with a toddler vs. a baby.  He ate people food, watched Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and ran around like a crazy man.  She pretty much sat in Aunt Tay's lap and watched everything he did.  

Good morning!  What a fun slumber party!

This little boy picks out all the fruits and veggies from his meals.  
I am shocked.  He loves "nanas".  

Before my sister came to pick him up that morning, we had so much fun.  We found a nerf dart gun of Cody's and he absolutely loved it.  I would ask him who he wanted to shoot, to which he would happily yell someone's name.  Then we would shoot them and he would squeal with delight.  Then he'd run and get the dart and we'd do it all over again.  When my sister got there, she was holding Harper and he kept saying "Baby, baby."  We thought he might want to hold her, so we sat them down and this is what happened.


I guess he wasn't saying he wanted to hold her.

We had a great time.  I love my nephew so much - he's so adorable!  And I can't wait for Grayson and Harper to grow up and be such great friends!

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