Thursday, June 16, 2011

2 Showers in 1 Day

On Saturday, June 4th I had two showers.  The morning shower was with my church friends.  Mostly bible study girls and a few awesome growth group girls (the bible study Chelsea and I teach of highschool girls).  The afternoon shower was with Denison friends and family.  Both were so fun and I have never been so happy or tired in all my life!  

Church Shower hosted by Michelle Wade, Anne Heffington, Aimee Rosier, and Chelsea Johnson

 Starting to unwrap presents - Devin (Growth Groups), Mom, Me, and Amy Eck

 Hanging Out - Amy Eck, Amanda Miller, Aimee Rosier, Ronda Owens, 
Katherine Hunt, Michelle Wade, Chelsea Johnson, and Taylor Klusman

So many gifts for Harper!

Denison Shower with Hempkins' friends and family

 Serena's oreo cake balls - so good

Cousin Kelly (and Tessa) and Aunt Kita

 Serena, Me, and Nelda

Mom, Carleigh, Taylor, Me, Kristi, and Grayson
Thankfully my family came to both showers and spent ALL day with me.
So nice of them!!!

Grayson the Conqueror was flirting a little too much with Lydia Duff. 

  Awesome diaper cake from Wendy

So many wonderful gifts that day.  It was absolutely amazing.  
Harper is seriously ready to go!

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