Thursday, June 16, 2011

Harper's Room

 So Harper's room is pretty much done - which is so exciting!  Here are some pictures of the big stuff in her room.

 Her crib with the bedding I made.  It's brown, hot pink, and a soft green.  

Her new owl mobile which I love!  It matches but adds a good splash of color too.

We painted her name on the wall and made an open frame in vintage creme and pink.  It was fun to learn to make the frame look old with layers of paint.  Cody is a pro now.

 Her bookshelf which is now filled with tons of books.  Including Harry the Dog, If you give a Mouse a Cookie, and my favorite - Wayside Story is Falling Down.  Plus her hip diaper bag and her cool dress form.

 This is my sweet lounge chair.  I just made new pillows and it's going to be so comfortable.  I may "forget" to go back to bed after the midnight feeding.  :)
Also got this cool basket for storage, a lamp, a sound machine/clock, and we put the cool owl print on the wall.  It's a pretty good corner.

 Here are her floating shelves.  A big thank you to my amazing husband for being able to recreate my vision even when everyone else said it was too hard.  Aren't they great!  They are 4 in think and 6 in wide and made of cedar.  I absolutely love them.  We put baby pictures of us up, plus a maternity photo.  I just think they are so sweet!

 I love the thought behind being a "Daughter of the King."  Such a powerful thing to know that once we are saved, we are heirs with Christ and children of God.  Such a blessing!  So my friend Nikki came to visit last week and painted this canvas for her room. 

 Um...  So she has lots of bows, headbands, etc.  It might have gotten a little out of control.  But to be fair, most of these were gifts.  You know women and cute, tiny, pink things - they just can't help themselves.  We had an old memo board and we recovered it with a silky, cream fabric, hot pink ribbon, and buttons.  We added hooks on the bottom and voila!  It was actually pretty simple and I'm pretty proud.

 And last but not least, her closet.  These are her nice outfits (yes all her drawers are full too!).  She has a TON of clothes already, including a Christmas dress and an Easter dress.  This is where we put the old, vintage dresser and most of her extra stuff.  I won't need to shop until at least next spring!

All in all, it's a great room.  I think Harper is going to love growing up in there.  Plus, it's done - which is the best part!  We went to the doctor today and we are definitely progressing.  Hopefully she'll come soon and my next post with have her in it! 

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