Friday, May 20, 2011

My husband's new hobby

These are some maternity pictures that my husband took a few weeks ago.  He is pretty talented with the camera, don't you think?  

This one is my favorite.  

This one is his favorite.  I was laughing at my sisters.  They are always funny.

Even though this isn't a maternity picture, we spent the most time by this tree.  He really wanted to get a close up of the butterflies.  This tree at my parent's house in Argyle is a butterfly magnet.  They literally swarm it day and night.  If you walk over to it and stand really still, they will land on you too.

This one is at the square in Denton.

Here are some of the first pictures he ever did.  He just started this spring.  Isn't it amazing how some people are just natural at it?  I am thoroughly impressed.

We took these two in Denison and they just turned out so well.  I was very against being photographed because I was pregnant but was only showing enough to look chunky.  

Love the bridge picture.  Possibly one of my all time favs.

 Aw, sweet Maggie girl.  A pretty good picture of a psychotic dog.  

Carleigh and Taylor have been dying for photo shoots lately.  They went out around old town Lewisville and the lake by our house.  

Taylors' real smile.  Love it.

Grayson's bathtime.  Sometimes I think he's identical to McCool.  Sometimes I think Eric.  Either way, he's by far the absolute cutest baby ever!  And he's turning 1 this week.  What a big boy!

I just think my hubby's so good at taking pictures!  And now I have a personal photographer at my fingertips any time I want.  Poor Harper is going to be having photo shoots every other day!  

So all in all, it's been a good run.  35 weeks along and so close to done!  I see a light at the end of the tunnel...

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  1. cody, I had no idea you were quite the photographer!

    AJ, precious blog! I will look forward to reading. Its summer and time to get back in blogger. I've had one for many many years, so I am glad you have joined us... let the juices flow!