Saturday, May 7, 2011

Christmas in Springtime!

Time has come for my showers to start.  It's like Christmas!  Harper is one lucky baby.  Plus, it's so good to get to see friends all together.  I had a fabulous time!

 The spread - SO GOOD!  Cake ball rattles - so cute and delish!

My new banner for Harper's room.  No glitter glue here-hand cut letters.  Thanks Staci!

Diapers with awesome messages on them = a fun time at 2 am.
Plus tons of new books for Harper's collection - she's going to be a genion

 Leopard Print Tutu Dress

Harper's new bikini from KK (Grandma).  It's a bikini.  What is KK thinking?  She will definitely need a cover up!  But it is pretty cute and came with a sun hat!

 Yes.  I liked the plain pink and grey onesies the best.  Kristen and I like solid colors.  So what?

 Frog Bathtoy Scooper

Her new ducky robe
 My favorite little man in the whole world.  He definitely stole some hearts today.

Grayson helping me unwrap gifts

The hostesses: Jessica, Stephanie, Staci, and Kara.  Such great friends!!!

Me and Mom (KK)

 Me and Kristi (Grandma)

 Me and Kristen

 Me and my fav high school friends!  Emily, Amanda, Lexi

Me and Kristen from work

 Me, Jill, Hannah, and Alyssa.  Alyssa was so good but it was naptime.

My friend Michelle from work.  She is so much fun!

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