Tuesday, April 19, 2011

You and Me and the Belly makes Three...

Life around the Hempkins' household has been very crazy lately. School is very busy as the TAKS testing season approaches. All I can do is count down the days till summer - my favorite time of the year! Cody and I have also been doing a TON of projects. We are planting grass in hopes of revitalizing our yard. It didn't take long, but we definitely killed our grass in less than three years. Nice, huh? Cody has also been enjoying lots of new toys lately. A riding lawn mower, a new dart board, and his old recliner now in our living room (yes, it's very ugly but comfy). Other than that, I have been progressing farther and farther along in this pregnancy and lots of changes have been taking place.

As the pregnancy goes, I am getting much bigger. I now have trouble doing small things like tying my shoes, picking anything up off the ground, and moving quickly in any circumstance. At Lowe's the other night, I was going so slow that Cody asked if I wanted to ride in the cart so we could make it out before they closed. Funny.

I haven't been sleeping very well lately, but I definitely have a routine. I usually fall asleep on the couch a little after 9, go to bed later, wake up about 12 and 3, and then get up for good about 6. I have a body pillow to help me sleep so I guess I'm taking up more room than possible. This is where our problems lie. I think that I should get more room since I am obviously so much bigger. So I push Cody over every night and he so lovingly pushes back. Later, after I have gotten up and come back to bed, it seems that Cody always takes over the entire bed. So then I have to push him back over and he complains that he's on his side and I'm crazy. Sadly, this happens almost every night and will probably continue to happen for the next two months. Some nights I have even been so tired that when he is on my side, I throw a child like tantrum, kicking feet and all.

So I have less than 10 weeks left and I'm definitely counting down the days. I really just want her to be here! I have baby showers in the next few weeks that are getting me very excited. Plus, it will be a great distraction from the overwhelming feeling of inadequacy and fear I've had lately. Mostly, I just worry that I won't know what to do with this beautiful baby that is mine. I won't just be babysitting and she won't ever go home. She'll be ours forever! Such an exciting and scary thought all at the same time. Thankfully I know God is faithful and will show me what I need to know. Now all I need is Harper!

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