Monday, March 21, 2011

Harper's New Room

This week was spring break.  A MUCH NEEDED break from work.  My main goal was to get Harper's room looking more like a baby room and less like a hodge podge of random furniture.  I am so excited!  It looks great so far.  I have the bedding, paint, and furniture done.  Still lots to do, but enough to get excited about!

So here are some sneak peeks of Harper's new room.  

Here is the before picture...

This is the fabric I chose.  The floral is the bedskirt.  The green is the bumper.  And the striped is the curtains.  

Her bedding is very elegant, not too babyish.  It's almost finished.  I still need to add ties to the bumper and find a crib sheet.  

Kristi, Taylor, and Carleigh came over this week to help me paint.  They are paint pros!  We got the whole room done in 6 hours.  I still need to add stuff to the walls, but that will come with time.  Plus, I am making some pillows for the chaise lounge for some extra color.  Don't you love it?  I do!

Other then working on Harper's room, spring break was very eventful.  My friend Amanda Sampson got married to John Mooney on Saturday afternoon.  It was a beautiful wedding and I got to hang out with Lexi at the same time.  

Then, later that evening, my friend Jessica Russell got married to my friend Cory Largent.  What a great wedding!  I have never been happier to see two friends get married.  They are perfect for each other. 

 Then, sadly, they went on vacation without me.  :)  So I stayed here and went to lots of doctor appointments and got things done around the house.  Either way, it was a great spring break!

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  1. You're such a cute pregnant lady AJ! Love the pics of the room! Can't wait to see it! Love you! - Steph :)