Tuesday, February 8, 2011

And it's a...

GIRL!  Well, most likely...  :)

We had a sonogram on Monday morning.  We were all excited about finding out the gender, but the sonogram tech didn't seem as worried about that.  She kept saying, well, I can't really see, so we'll just worry about it later.  She measured every little part of our baby and everything is perfect.  The tech even complained that she moves too much-she's a very active little baby already.  In the end, she said she was 90% sure it was a girl.  She never saw any boy parts, so that is what she is basing her opinion on.  So the question is...how accurate is her 90%???
So this picture is kinda creepy, but it's also kinda cool.  If you look a little sideways, you can see her face.  Her eyes, nose, and mouth are very prominent.  Sadly, this is the only sonogram picture we got. 

We are not really worried about if the sonogram tech is right or wrong.  We think it's a girl too and we are super excited.  We can't believe how big she's getting; it's like she's growing by the minute.  I finally have a little baby bump and I'm definitely showing it off.  It's fun to finally be so outwardly excited about the baby.  And it's fun to be able to say "Baby Girl".  There's definitely a peace to it.

In case you haven't heard, her name will be Harper.  We haven't set a middle name yet, but we have been in love with Harper from day 1.  My brother Eric has asked if I will name her Erika and my friend Jessica continues to call her Little Jessica.  But I think I've known deep down that she would be Harper from the very beginning.

She's been moving a lot these days.  It's been fun for Cody and I to just sit there with our hands on my belly waiting for her to move.  I think it has been a good experience for us to have together and to enjoy as newbie parents.  We even put her crib up together and of course, the first thing Cody wants to do is let Maggie try it out.  We may not always be on the same page with parenting, but it'll been fun figuring out this parenting thing together.

We got to hang with our favorite little guy, Grayson, on Sunday and see him scoot all over the place.  He's crawling and walking (with help) like crazy!  If there was ever a reason for me to want a little boy, he would be the reason.  But we know he'll love his cousin no matter what.  He's amazing.  Even with a double ear infection, he's a absolute doll.

Well, depending on the ice conditions for the next two days, I might get some nursery stuff done.  Here's to hoping!


  1. Yippee!!!!! I heart Harper! (Even if i was pulling for a Benajmin:)
    Love y'all!

  2. Yay!! I'm sure Harper is already the cutest baby ever but I can't read those silly sonogram pictures :) I think you should let Maggie in the crib and have her jump around in it just to make sure its sturdy :)
    Happy 5th snow day, I hope its productive!
    Love you guys!