Thursday, May 28, 2015

Photo Shoots

So we may be on picture overload right now.  But she is so stinking cute and Harper loves to take pictures.  So I guess it will continue.  Paige is always so smiley and happy.  She is a little confused by the camera though because she seems to freeze when we try to take her picture.  Thankfully, Harper is a fabulous photo assistant and can make her laugh and smile.  When she smiles really big and it takes up her whole face, she looks just like Harper's baby pictures.  They are just little mini versions of each other.  I don't even know why we had this photo shoot; she must have just been super happy this day.

Paige is getting big so fast that I almost forget to use all the different baby things we have.  A friend asked if she was sitting up yet and I realized I hadn't even tried.  So we got out the boppy and sat her up in it.  She loved it and I think she liked sitting up and seeing everything instead of laying down and missing all the action.  I love the last picture because she looks like a little old man who's going bald.  Sweet little girl.

This was Sunday right before church.  Harper has had this dress for over a year but wouldn't wear it.  Something like "it's not my favorite color," which is her favorite thing to say to get out of lots of things.  So I promised to dress Paige in stripes too and they could take a picture together.  These two are so beautiful and I love seeing them together.  They make each other smile and laugh and it's just the best to see them with each other.  

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