Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Benton's Birthday

Our neighbors down the street (yes, we sort of have neighbors) are the Helm's, Travis, Morgan, and Benton.  They are the sweetest family!  Cody knows Travis from school even though they are a bit younger than us.  Benton is about 1 year younger than Harper, but you almost wouldn't know it.  They are the same size.  We got to know them well because they would walk up and down the street or ride their golf cart up and down the street, so we would get to chat every now and then.  Harper and Benton played really well together so it was always easy to just hang out.  They invited Harper to his 3rd birthday and it was the epitome of a boy birthday.  They were outside by the lake, with campers lined up for kitchens and bathrooms, and a big pile of sand for the kids to dig around in.  Harper was delighted because I usually never let her play in the sand.  We all hung out and the kids had a great time. Harper found a caterpiller and let Cody hold onto it for her.  Towards the end, Morgan was taking a picture of all the kids and I noticed Benton and Harper talking.  They asked him later what he was saying to her and he said "I asked if I could kiss her."  When asked what Harper said, Benton says she said "Yes."  Those two!

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