Wednesday, September 28, 2011

3 Months and life is good!

Harper is 3 months old now and she is getting huge!  I'm sure everyone else thinks she is tiny, but she is growing everyday. 

Her 3 month picture with her favorite owl

Sitting up on her own


And we're down.  It will take more practice.

Harper is finally out of her newborn stage.  We are sleeping through the night (yay!!!) and drinking 6 ounces 4 times a day (she might end up a fattie soon!).  She sucks her bottle down in like 3 minutes flat.  And then belches real big.  Such a cutie!  

Doing tummy time

She just recently mastered the art of rolling from back to front.  For awhile she could get halfway there and then her arm would get stuck.  She's a pro now though.  She also got big enough to sit in her highchair.  This definitely helps Cody and I to eat dinner at the same time again.  Funny how it's the little things that you miss, huh?

What a big girl

She is also learning a lot in terms of her hands and feet.  She loves to grab her toys hanging from her play mat.  And she has discovered that when she kicks, it plays a song, and when she hits her hand down, there is a rattling sound.  She is so smart!  And she is in love with the mobile in her crib.  She will stare at it and not move a muscle.  

We have finally started putting her to sleep without the swaddle.  For a few days in a row, she would wake up in weird places and positions with the swaddle busted open and around her neck.  So enough with the swaddle, she's a big girl now.  

This is definitely not how we put her to bed the night before.

Sleeping on her own for the first night.  And she gets to do it in cute, feety pajamas!

She still loves bathtime every night.  Her toys are an octopus and a rubber ducky.  When I hold them up in front of her, she starts kicking and splashing and smiling real big.  But her favorite toy is her washcloth.  She can't wait for me to give it to her so she can grab it and start sucking on it.  It's like she thinks water is a special treat.  

Harper in her ducky towel

The first two months were pretty difficult.  But we finally have her on a dairy free, soy free formula and she is a HAPPY baby!  She hardly cries anymore, unless it's bed time.  She smiles all the time and loves to talk.  She is just so cute all the time!  She loves her dad and me.  And we absolutely love her.  It's crazy how happy our little trio family is.  

Hanging with dad after work

Loves kisses - she is so ticklish all over!

It's a very fun time of year for us now that college football has started.  Sadly, we won't get to take a trip this year, but hopefully soon Harper will get to visit College Station.  No worries - she watches them on tv with us.  


 We are truly blessed and thankful for Harper.  She is such a sweet blessing in our lives.  We absolutely love every minute with her.  And it doesn't hurt that she is stinking adorable!

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