Sunday, July 10, 2011

Oh, how 1 week changes things!

I was told from the beginning, "Just survive the first two weeks.  Do that, and you'll be set."  Funny.  Very funny.  This is just 1 week.  And surviving two weeks will definitely be a feat!  We were at the hospital for three days and had lots of friends and family come visit.

Jessica teaching Harper her numbers.



My principal, Pam Flores, came by to visit since she had seen me grow 
everyday of the school year.  



Katharine and Avinley - These two will be BFF's.

Papa Bob and Marilyn came by Saturday morning

We were able to go home Saturday evening.  It was scary to leave, but we were so ready to be in our own home.  We got home and introduced Harper and Maggie.  Maggie is very protective of her already. She is usually by my side or Harper's.  She does not like it when Harper cries; it makes her very nervous.  But she licks Harper's feet to try and make her feel better when she's upset.  And thankfully, Harper got used to the barking while she was in the womb, because it doesn't bother her at all!

She looks so tiny in her carseat 
(especially compared to seeing nephew Grayson in it at 9 months)

We are getting used to the little amount of sleep that you get with a newborn.  Thankfully there are two of us and we are taking shifts.  This first week, she slept SO good.  I think I got a little over excited thinking that she would always sleep this way.  Now, I know that it won't.  We got to go to her 3 day doctor visit and Dr. Conger said that she was one of the most perfect newborns she had seen in years.  Um, yes, she is!

Our first trip out - to the doctors

What a cutie!

Harper in a nutshell:

She does not like bathtime.  I guess she's a little cold.  She loves to sleep on her dad's chest - it's her favorite place.  And, she's already got a pretty good belch going on.  She is freakishly strong.  I promise I'm not just bragging.  She can hold her head up and turn it from side to side.  Plus she can kick you.  Hard.  She has extremely strong limbs and is very squirmy.  It makes us a little nervous!  She does not like having a dirty or wet diaper, so we have to change it anytime there is a drop in it.  On average, the number of diapers newborns use is about 10 per day.  We definitely have that covered plus about 15 extra.  She doesn't like her pacifier.  She screams horribly when we try to force it on her.  And she's back and forth on the swaddle.  She likes it as long as she's asleep when we put her in it.  She wants nothing to do with it if she's awake.  I guess she knows it means sleep time.

She was swaddled but busted out.  She definitely likes to be free.

Her favorite person and her favorite place.  On her dad's chest.
Sleeping is our favorite new family hobby.

Right now, we sleep the majority of the day.  Most other activities happen
while we are sleeping.  No need to wake up.

We are getting better at feeding time.  If she's awake, she wants to eat every 2 hours.  But when she's asleep she could go 4 hours or more.  This means every day is a mystery as to how it will go.  She also can't seem to stay awake long enough to eat.  We have tried everything: tickling, nakedness, wet washcloths, poking, yelling, etc.  But when she's out, she's OUT.

This is feeding time.

This is after we have tried for some time to wake her.

We are now naked and still asleep.

This is not working.

Our life has completely changed.  We are seriously in love with this little girl.  And we are probably way more over protective than we ever thought we'd be.   And my husband, Cody, has definitely become the most amazing dad ever.  He changes diapers, gets up with her at night, and is the nighttime baby whisperer.  I see a daddy's girl in our future!  We are very thankful for our baby.  It's a little overwhelming right now, but we are just going 1 day at a time.  


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  1. This is a PRECIOUS post. I especially love that she has found her new favorite nap spot... I still love napping on the couch with my head on my daddy's shoulder.