Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Never say never...

Here are some things that I was totally wrong about when it came to having a baby...


1. All those promises about working out and eating healthy...don't feel bad when they don't happen.  That happens to most people.

2. Never tell everyone about how great your baby will be, or how easy life will be with a baby.  You are just asking for it.


1. Even as HUGELY modest as I was, there's nothing you can do about it when it comes to delivering your baby.  You just have to grin and bear it.
          *But one good suggestion: when you get the epidural, you can't feel your legs at all anymore.  So you can almost convince yourself that you are wearing pants and you just can't feel them.

2. Never say you won't induce.  You never know what will happen.  By the end, you don't care how they come out, as long as they come out.

3. Right when your baby comes, try to cry.  Because afterwards, everyone will ask you if you did and you'll feel stupid telling everyone that you did not cry.  Even if it was just because you were too tired to do anything besides breathe, they'll still expect it.

4. Never say that you will never send your baby to the hospital nursery at night.  We all know it's best to keep the baby in the room, but after the 3rd night of only 30 minutes of sleep, you will do whatever it takes.

After the baby is born:

1. Even if you have babysat your whole life, it doesn't mean that you will know what you are doing.

2. Never brag about how easy some phase with your baby was.  That's just asking for a kick later on when you go through a really hard stage.  Which you will.  Trust me.

3. Never just tell people that it doesn't matter when or how often or how long they come visit.  It does matter.  Be honest or you'll go crazy with visitors.  For hours on end.  Really.  Hours.

4. Never say that you won't ever sleep with your baby in your room or on the couch at night.  When your baby is screaming at 4 am, it doesn't matter where she sleeps as long as she sleeps.

5. Never say that you are never going back to work.  As much as you love your little bundle of joy, sometimes you just miss having a life outside the house, being a mom, and changing diapers.


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  1. Amen, sista friend! Gosh what a crazy learning experience the whole process is. There are so many things I SWORE I would NEVER do (like give my kid a pacifier. What an idiot I was. Our lives were so much better once I caved!) Every stage is different, and there are times when you feel really good about your parenting abilities and other times when you really feel like you suck. There are decisions you have to leave your heart out of because your heart might not always choose the option that is best for your child.

    If you need some Mommy talk or to get out of the house for a cup of coffee, I'm happy to come meet ya!