Thursday, May 26, 2016

April Updates

Life gets busy with two kids and spring.  You just want to go play and enjoy the nice weather.  Paige always wants to be outside.  She stands at the window sill and yells for the "do-do" (dogs).  She gets distracted from eating easily and seldom finishes her meals.  She hates wearing her bib and she hates getting her face cleaned.  I have gotten back into cooking and baking lately.  Mostly for others, but it's still fun for me.  Lots of babies coming and lots of parties happening.  I made salsa for Kristen for a shower she was having and it was the biggest mess ever.  I ended up peeling 30 pounds of tomatoes and making 30 jars of homemade salsa.  It was so good!  We ended up with some extra so we ate salsa for a month.  

Paige is so tired of being little.  She wants to be big so badly.  She sees Harper doing all these big girl things and she wants to do them.  She wants to climb things - the trampoline, the playset, chairs, couches, beds, everything.  She just isn't quite big enough yet.  Every now and then, she wakes up early and I'm still so tired.  Harper comes in and tells me she'll go play with her and they end up in the crib for 10 minutes talking and singing and reading books.  

Lately, life has been good.  We are ending a lot of things and summer is just around the corner.  BSF ends the first week in May and gymnastics ends the end of April.  We are slowing down and it's nice. 

My friend, Lisa, was playing around with the face swap app and sent me a few pictures.  Oh my gosh, my family looks like crazy people.  And sadly this makes us look even more alike.  

April has been beautiful weather.  Perfect spring.  We have been going out every afternoon after nap and its awesome.  The girls would jump or slide or swing all day if they could.  Paige wants to slide down, get lifted back on the playset, slide down, and repeat.  For hours.  Both girls love to draw with chalk.  Paige is finally figuring out how to mark on the ground and she loves to draw something and then look at us like it's the best thing in the world.  Both girls also love bubbles.  I need to buy a bubble machine because I can't seem to blow them fast enough.  We did preschool outside one day because Paige woke up early.  We did hopscotch odds and evens and blend sounds jumping.  This girl is doing so well in preschool. I'm always so astonished by how quickly she learns things.

These two still love each other but the sisterly fighting has begun.  It's just the little things, but it gets old fast.  Fighting over toys.  Don't touch me.  She's looking at me funny.  I wanted that toy.  Ugh.  Paige is just now figuring out how to share and she doesn't necessarily like it.  And Harper knows exactly what she can do that doesn't cross the line.  So much crazy love.  

One day we went downtown and walked around the shops.  We were looking for gifts but it was fun to just see what there was.  And both girls love being outside walking free and not having a strict agenda.  In the end we decided to stop for a piece of cake at CJ's because why not?  And it was so good!

Weekends have been easy and low key.  It's been nice out so Cody has been out working in the barn and mowing the yard each weekend.  Usually during naptime, he takes Harper over to the Hempkins so she can hang out and he can help Buddy with stuff.  It's nice for her to get out and she likes it.  She helps Nana with her flowers or helps Buddy with the cows.  They let her drive the Ranger and blow bubbles forever.  Cody also takes her 4wheeling, so she loves when he is home on Saturdays and Sundays.  

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