Friday, October 31, 2014

Soccer and Bounce Houses

We spent a Saturday in Dallas visiting family and friends.  We went to Grayson's soccer game early in the morning.  He did great, scored a goal, and played hard core defense the whole time.  Reese and Harper played along the sideline, kicking the soccer ball and trading purses and necklaces.  At one point, Reese got mad because she didn't have the ball and her temper tantrum landed her in time out.  I love that Kristen put her in time out and immediately took a picture.  What a funny little girl!  After the soccer game, we went back to Kristen's house and spent a few hours going through baby stuff and organizing her closet.  The kids played and ran around and fought just like good cousins do.  

After lunch, we headed to my parent's house in Argyle to watch the A&M game.  We sat around the house and my dad and Carleigh played with Harper.  It was a rough game, but at half time we had to leave.  We headed to Jessica and Cory's for Cayden's first birthday party.  It was a great day, beautiful outside for the bounce house.  And I love spending time with Jessica and her family.  Harper ran around and played with all Cayden's toys just like she normally does.  He kept up a little with her this time because he is finally walking!  Sweet little boy!  By the end the three kiddos left were fighting over the mini coupe car so we headed out before Harper melted down.  It was a great day and I'm so glad we got to see our sweet friends on their special days. 

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