Wednesday, June 6, 2012

11 1/2 months...because she's just that cute

I forgot to take her 11 month pictures, so Harper gets two 11 month posts.  Plus, she's just so funny that I have even more stories to tell about her.

She is big on copying what we do these days.  Cody has her copying him when he makes the indian war holler.  He especially likes to do the "Michael Scott twirl and point" move to her and she will point back at him when he does.  

I think she's gonna be a singer one day.  I finally figured out that she was singing along with me when i sing to her at night or in the car.  She just finds a note and holds it for about 5-10 seconds.  It's pretty impressive.  It's not on key or anything, but I'm glad she likes to sing.

Standing and walking like speed racer

She has started peeing and pooping in the tub alot.  She loves to stand in the tub now and hold onto my leg while she throws her toys out.  Yes, I'm sure this isn't something I should be encouraging, but she loves it and it keeps her happy.  So now that she stands, she surprises herself when she starts peeing and sees this liquid running down her legs.  Pretty comical actually.  But the poop is pretty gross.  And the last time, she actually picked it up.  So not cool.  

Her favorite place to play is in our cabinet under the coffee bar.  There are baskets full of coffee K-cups in there that are the perfect size and make noise when you shake them.  She loves to get one and carry it around all morning wherever she goes.  Pretty cheap toy if you ask me.

Always banging something on the walls.

She still throws food to Maggie, but some meals I know that she won't.  If she's eating eggs, avocado, pinto/black beans or green beans, it's all hers.  But Maggie has figured out how to jump up on the foot rest and at least get the stuff that drops in her lap.  Less clean up, right?

Squatting and pointing at the same time.  She's a multi-tasker.

She really wants grownup food.  Whenever we are eating, she will stare at us with this sad, little face.  Then, while you take a bite, she leans in to you and opens her mouth like she could almost just taste the food.  The other day, she actually gave my friend, Jackie, a cold stare down because Jackie ate in front of her.  She loves to eat.  Not that those awesome chubby legs didn't give that away.  But we are super excited that in 2 weeks we will be done with formula!  Goodness - what an awesome thing that will be.

So here's to almost 1 year Harper Girl.  We love you!

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