Thursday, March 22, 2012

Going to School and Meeting some Cows

We had a busy week last week for spring break.  It's so much fun to have Cody home from school.  I wish we could just retire now and hang out all day.  However, that isn't going to happen, so we make the best of it.  The Wednesday before spring break we went up to DeLay (my old school) to visit some friends.  It's fun to visit because they love Harper and we get to talk, catch up, and gossip.  I miss seeing them every day, talking between classes, during classes, not going to classes, etc.  So much fun.  Even though teaching was hard at DeLay, having those friends made it all so much more bearable.  

Harper showing Jessica that she learned to crawl

Playing with Jessica's iPhone and eyeing the laptop

Cory let Harper crawl all over Jessica's desk, destroying most of 
the stuff in her path.  Thanks Largie!

Cory and Harper playing with Super Stickies - which are way better than boring, regular sticky notes.  Only DeLay would understand the seriousness of stickies.  Of course Harper destroyed most of Jessica's super stickies, which might be a sin at DeLay.  


Then, at the end of spring break, we went to Denison to visit Cody's parents and grandma.  This was Harper's first time getting to meet the cows, which was so fun!  She actually had a staring contest with the huge bull in the first picture.  After a few minutes, I got a little nervous...  But she obviously liked them and had fun meeting such funny creatures.  

The bull was not impressed with us but Harper was definitely impressed by him!

Hanging with Big Daddy - Cody's Dad

Riding on BD's shoulders

Her awesomely long hair looked so funny getting blown in the wind.  She absolutely 
loves the wind, but has no idea what it is or where it comes from.

Good spring break.  Wish it had lasted longer.  But only a few months till summer!  

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