Friday, December 30, 2011

Our 1st Christmas Eve

On Saturday, we went to my Aunt Lissa's house and had our family Christmas.  We do a cousin gift exchange, Mexican food, and a tree prayer reading.  It's fun and a great tradition in our family.  I'm pretty sure we've done it every year of my life.  

Harper napped for awhile and at one point, Cody looked on the monitor and said "The baby's gone!"  Scary for about two seconds until we realized that my Uncle Mike had gotten her up because she was crying.

Grayson played ball with all the boy cousins and we all sat around watching football and talking.  Grayson loves to play a game where he points at someone and yells their name, and then you peg them with a ball.  It's awesome.  I enjoyed it this time because I kept telling him who to peg.  Uncle Eric and Dane got hit A LOT.  

We even got the traditional "cousins on the couch" photo with 7 2nd cousins.  We knew that all the kids wouldn't sit still for long so we dumped them all on the couch and said, Go!  We had all of 60 seconds to take a good picture and then they were off and running.  

Mackenzie, Rylie, Grayson, Aubrey, Austin, Natalia, Harper

All the kids loved getting a turn holding the baby.

The Klusman Crew

We survived 24 whole hours without a single argument!

After lunch, we went to Christmas Eve service at Bent Tree.  This is something my sister and I love doing. Christmas Eve service is always so special to me and reminds me exactly what we are celebrating.  It's funny how easy it is to forget that Christmas is about Christ and not gifts.  And it's so different to celebrate Christmas as a mom now.  To know what it's like to love a baby more than yourself.  To want everything for them.  That will definitely have to be another post.  But we had a great Christmas Eve.  Sadly we went home and put baby to bed an hour early on Christmas Eve because she was still such a sick little girl.  Now to Sunday...


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